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You may choose to shop on www.lornajane.co.uk in either EUROS or POUNDS. This is inclusive of VAT (Value Added Tax). The 21% VAT is applicable to all orders containing a European delivery address.
When European goods are exported (sent to a delivery address outside Europe) then the VAT component of the price will be removed and the export price will be exclusive of VAT. This will adjust automatically at your checkout when your address is entered.


Lorna Jane ships to most destinations in Europe and UK. If you can select your address at checkout, we can deliver to you! If your address can not be entered please provide alternative address details.
We recommend international customers check with their countries customs office prior to ordering, with regards to understanding importing costs that may be liable at your destination country. Our international shipping charges (75 EURO/POUND outside of Europe, UK & Africa) are transport costs only. Lorna Jane does not accept any responsibility for customs delays, duties or taxes that may apply in the destination country.


Orders are normally dispatched within 3 business days of Order Confirmation, subject to all ordered items being in stock. If any items cannot be fulfilled from your order we will contact you via email and offer an alternative solution or a refund. Requests to cancel an order must be received within 14 days of order placement.


On receiving the order the customer is responsible for inspecting the goods for fault or damage. Should the items ordered not be of acceptable quality, it is the customer’s responsibility to notify Lorna Jane, as soon as possible. Please see our Returns & Exchanges Policy for more information.


Lorna Jane Gift Cards are available for purchase on www.lornajane.co.uk in a digital form (emailed to the recipient on order) or Physical form (posted to a delivery address as specified). For security purposes our maximum Gift Card value to purchase online is 300 EURO/POUNDS. If you wish to purchase a higher amount please contact our Customer Care team via customerservice@lornajane.co.uk
Lorna Jane gift cards are valid for use in their country of issue. Lorna Jane gift cards cannot be redeemed at portable Lorna Jane events, including warehouse sales. Gift Cards are treated by Lorna Jane as a financial instrument for payment for goods and services and operate on a deposit/withdrawal system as per industry standard practices. This means that Lorna Jane Gift Cards are provided as a free service to customers and do not contribute toward the calculation of shipping costs or discounts. Lorna Jane Gift Cards are not considered as goods or services with a retail price and therefore:
-They do not include VAT;
-They cannot be discounted and are not subject to any discounts.

Lorna Jane Gift Cards are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, which is noted by an expiry date on the card. Gift Card purchase amounts are not pre-defined and as the customer you are entitled to choose the amount you wish to spend. Amounts deposited on to a Lorna Jane gift card in your nominated shopping currency - EUROS or POUNDS - and can only be redeemed in that chosen currency.
Lorna Jane cannot accept cancellations on Gift Cards once payment has been processed.
Gift Cards are not refundable (in part or in full or amount paid) or redeemable for cash.


Our social media pages are a place of inspiration and encouragement for women all around the world, to live their best lives through Active Living. While we do our very best to read and respond to as many comments as possible, please understand at times this may not be the case. If your enquiry is urgent or if you would like to discuss a matter further, please contact our Customer Care team via our Live Chat support and they will be able to assist.
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To minimise skin to garment contact, where possible each piece you order will be delivered in our sealed eco-garment bags. Please note our First Wear Initiative does not apply to styles that are in our Sale or Warehouse Sale categories. In regards to returns and exchanges, these are thoroughly assessed and any saleable pieces are either sent to our DFO or Outlet stores, or placed in a clear sealed bag with no marketing message on it to clearly differentiate from First Wear pieces.


In the event that an item(s) is listed at an incorrect price or with incorrect information, Lorna Jane reserves the right to withdraw that item(s) from sale, and to refuse or cancel orders. Lorna Jane will make all reasonable effort to contact the customer using the details provided and all received monies will be refunded using the method received.


Lorna Jane promotes a positive platform in order to support and empower our Active Living Community. We publish product reviews on www.lornajane.co.uk that assist other women make informed selections on product that are constructive in feedback. Please understand we do not publish reviews that are abusive, unhelpful or against our Active Living philosophy. Please reach out to our customer care team customerservice@lornajane.co.uk should you wish to provide direct feedback on our product or brand. We do welcome your communications!