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Our best selling fabric used for the majority of our performance pieces utilising microfibre technology. It is thicker than other fabrications to create the ultimate supportive and flattering fit.


Designed to keep you cool and dry whilst being lightweight, moisture wicking and comfortable.

Benefit: Comfort

Moisture Wicking:
Keeps the skin dry and comfortable
Reduces chafing by the fabric remaining dry and light

How is wicking achieved?

Tiny filaments in the fabric encourage water to move away from the skin. When water makes contact with these filaments, the moisture is wicked away from the skin to the exterior of the garment where it can evaporate efficiently.

LJ EXCEL™ Core Stability.

The 'shape-wear' of activewear, combining our LJ EXCEL™ classic fabric with strategic paneling of LJEXCEL™ Power Mesh to smooth trouble areas, streamlining your silhouette and improving posture. This fabric is commonly referred to as 'The Fit Woman's Secret".

LJ EXCEL™ Compression

With an ultimate 8-way stretch, it eases muscle soreness and stimulates blood circulation whilst reducing fatigue and lactic acid. Perfect for high intensity activities and post-workout recovery.

Benefit: Support

LJ Excel™ Compression fabrics are perfect for high intensity activities. All LJ Excel tights are made from our high performance fabric which have varying levels of compression.

Compression delivers graduated pressure which improves oxygenated blood delivery to the muscles and the removal of lactic acid

How is this achieved?

LJ Excel™ Compression has both a 4 and 8 way stretch that provides muscular compression ranging from moderate to ultimate compression. Paired with LJ Active Core Stability Technology and zoned panelling, this delivers high end compressive benefits.

LJ Active

An exclusive range of lighter Hi-Tech performance technology fabrics to take you from the studio to the street.

Benefit: Durability

LJ Excel™ fabric is shrink and fade resistant:
Maintains its shape wash after wash, workout after workout
Designed to maintain its original colour when cared for correctly
Anti-pilling composition and knit minimises fabric damage

How is this achieved?

LJ Excel™ unique “knitted” construction means products maintain their elasticity, hold colour and retain designed shape longer.

The fabric composition and knit construction resists pilling resulting in longer garment life

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